A little about me

My first five years in NYC were spent singing on local, regional, and international stages after making the trip to "see about a girl."

The less glamorous side of the artist life (working as a server) lead me to identify inefficiencies in the restaurant industry. Over the next 6 years, I earned what I like to call my 'real world MBA' while co-founding, pivoting, and eventually selling JoinMunch, a B2B SaaS online food ordering software company.

After spending the better part of 2019 & early 2020 building an adtech company that helped businesses determine the best version of an ad, Ad Salience was next in the great line of COVID-19 business casualties. We take pride in our 10 pre-product customers of various sizes seeing an average customer acquisition cost reduction of 80%. We're grateful to the clients who believed in us, and the colleagues and advisors who joined us on our journey - however brief.

I'm a big fan of tacos and high fives.

Yes, the girl I came up to NYC for eventually married me.